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5 Pack Lightweight Wired Headset with Microphone, Suitable for NANO

5 Pack Lightweight Wired Headset with Microphone, Suitable for NANO


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NANO Device Compatibility and Personalization:

• NANO Device: Our NANO device comes with a built-in speaker and microphone, providing you with crystal-clear sound and seamless communication.

• Free Gift: As a token of our appreciation, a complimentary pair of earphones is included in the package. They are perfect for immediate use and serve as an example of how our product can be used with headphones for additional privacy.

• Personalize Your Experience: Considering you might prefer a different style of headset, our product is designed to be compatible with other products on the market. Feel free to select your preferred earphones to tailor your personal comfort and listening experience. The following product is one that we have tried and found to have good performance.


- Innovative tone balance technology for clear reproduction of voice calls.
- Wide-frequency high-definition speakers that optimize the voice frequency range to showcase perfect vocal quality.
- International standard hearing protection to prevent sudden high decibel sounds from damaging the ears.
- Slow rebound stainless steel bar, adjustable in length, suitable for different head shapes.
- Ultra-soft slow rebound ear pads for comfortable wear, suitable for long-term use.

 Functional Indicators (Speaker): 
-  Diameter:  28mm
-  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  Less than 1%
-  Impedance:  150 Ohms
-  Sensitivity:  108dB ± 3dB
-  Frequency Response:  20-4800Hz / MWAT 1kHz

 Functional Indicators (Microphone): 
-  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  Less than 1%
-  Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR):  ≥ 52dB
-  Impedance:  22,000 Ohms
-  Sensitivity:  -36dB ± 2dB
-  Microphone Type:  Unidirectional (Noise-Cancelling)
-  Frequency Response:  100-3500Hz


5 x Wired Headsets with 3.5mm Jack