• Mute Function

    Simply lift microphone up to mute, or down to unmute.

  • Volume Control

    Lower or raise the volume to hear your team in any environment.

  • Video Production

  • Racing

  • Sports

  • Construction

  • Easy Battery Swap

    Quickly swap out the battery easily and quickly.

  • Premium Headphone Cushion

    Super soft and comfortable headphone cushions.


The HUB features a 3.5mm TRRS Audio i/0 port which can be used to send audio out to another device, or to send an audio feed in so that your entire group can monitor.

Attach a standard set of TRRS earbuds and the HUB can be worn with a belt clip and used to communicate wirelessly with your group.

Waero Hub for 5-9 Users

Connect Up to 9 Headsets

Waero Wireless Headsets