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CAME-TV Dual V-Mount Battery Charger, Power Station and Power Strip 3-in-1

CAME-TV Dual V-Mount Battery Charger, Power Station and Power Strip 3-in-1


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We have made the following upgrades:

  1. The TYPE-C output to PD 65W.
  2. The inline power adapter to be integrated inside the unit, so a one piece power cord is all that will be required.
  3. Be able to use as a battery backup. When plug into wall AC, it can output without a V mount battery.


We are proud to introduce this versatile power station that brings convenience to your life.

This power station is not only an inverter, capable of converting one or two 14.4V V-mount batteries into AC output, but also features multiple interfaces for easy connection to different devices.

Additionally, it serves as an efficient battery charger, capable of simultaneously charging two V-mount batteries.

Even without batteries, it can be used as a practical power strip, providing you with even more convenience.

    • Portable Generator:Out in the field the Power Station is a portable generator, offering a pure sine wave AC Inverter and multiple DC outputs. Power a laptop, a live stream setup, charge drone batteries in the field, or other equipment.
    • Dual Charger:The Power Station doubles as a dual charger, capable of charging two V-mount batteries simultaneously
    • Power Strip:  The Power Station can also be utilized as a household power strip without the need for a battery, offering 110V or 220V AC output, along with (4) USB Type A ports, (1) USB Type C PD 65W port, (2) DC 5521 12V Barrel tip ports, and (2) D-Tap ports.
    • Continuous Operation: Featuring an external battery design, you can effortlessly swap out the battery to guarantee uninterrupted operation. This differs from most power products that become unusable once the battery runs out.
    • PD 65W: The PD 65W USB-C port supports multiple charging protocols, making it convenient to charge devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Protocols include PD 3.0 65W (5V/9V/12/15V 3A; 20V 3.25A), PPS, QC5, QC 3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, SFCP, MTK PE+, MTK PE+2.0, DCP SAM 2A, and Apple 2.4A.
    • Safety Protection: With pure sine wave output and safety settings such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, the Power Station ensures the safety of your devices and batteries.
    • Charging:POWER STATION supports wide-voltage charging, ensuring that your battery can be safely and efficiently charged anywhere in the world without worrying about voltage mismatch issues.
    • Utility Power Connection:When POWER STATION is connected to utility power, the AC inverter output voltage will match the utility voltage, ensuring the normal operation and safe use of electrical appliances.
    • Battery Inverter:In situations where utility power is not available, POWER STATION can provide a fixed AC output through battery inverter. Users can choose the appropriate output voltage based on the requirements of their electrical devices.







    • 1X Power Station
    • 1X AC Power Cable

    CAME-TV Power Station