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576D Daylight LED Panels (2 Piece Set)

576D Daylight LED Panels (2 Piece Set)


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The CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED 576D Daylight LED Panel is a lightweight, portable, and affordable lighting solution. Also available in a 2-piece set, 3-piece set and 4-piece set, the CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED 576D Daylight LED Panel is the ideal mobile studio lighting solution for any photo, video, or film production. Perfect also as a studio light solution with no cumbersome cords to hamper your creativity. Also available in bi-color models.

All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED's undergo a stringent quality assurance process to ensure durability, illumination, and a perfect color balance for any lighting situation. The CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED 576D Daylight LED Light Panel has 576 LEDs. The Daylight LED bulbs are specifically targeted to 5500K which closely match the natural daylight of the sun.

All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Lighting Panels are powered through industry standard Sony batteries (NP-F or V-Mount), which makes them perfect for both studio and remote location productions. Plus, all units come with a built-in dimmer that gives you complete control over the brightness of your lighting setup.

Whether you’re a broadcast professional, or filmmaking enthusiast, our CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED 576D Daylight LED Panel is the perfect lighting solution for any of your production needs.


LED Lights - Thin, Good & Affordable By Tom Antos


Dimmable LED

Experience the beauty of dimmable LED lighting

Low Profile

The weight saving slim design is great for portability

Sony NP-F battery plates

Power the light panel with 2 standard Sony NP-F batteries

Diffusion Filter

Great for wrapping light around your talent.

Tungsten Filter

Warming filter to match tungsten light

Sturdy Yoke

Quick release handles allow for easy positioning of the LED panel

Carry Bag

Great for storing and moving the LED panels


Kit Includes

2pc: 576D Daylight LED Panel Lights
2pc: AC/DC Wall Adapters
2pc: Diffusion Filters
2pc: Tungsten Filters
2pc: Carry Bags

Note: Light stand not included

Qty of Led Bulbs in Panel 576
Box Size 32.5*32*10cm / (12.8*12.6*3.9in)
Light Panel Size 22*22cm / (8.7*8.7in)
Battery plates 2 Sony NP-F battery plates
Input voltage DC12V
Automatic voltage range DC11V-DC16V
Features High strength aluminum alloy shell

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice


CAME-TV is now embracing the IES TM-30-15, a new method for evaluating light source color rendition. While CRI has been an industry standard, there are many improvements that new TM-30-15 provides including color samples that is more representative of real-world objects. CAME-TV continually strives to provide accurate and informative data about our light sources and the TM-30-15 is a means for us to accomplish that. We used an Asensetek Lighting Passport LED Spectrometer to gather the photometric data. When comparing data from other sources, please ensue that they are using a credible tool to measure the light source. For the full pdf report, please click here.