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Came-Mini 3/2/1

What is the difference between CAME-Mini 3 and CAME-Mini 2?

  • The Mini 3 features motor encoders which increases battery life and prevents the motors from skipping steps.
  • New battery design for longer run time and quick installation.
  • Remote joystick to control pan and tilt of the camera and also switch through different profiles.
  • Removable side handles for easy storage and transportation.
  • 5.8G video transmitter below the camera baseplate.


What is the difference between CAME-Mini2 and CAME-Mini1?

  • The CAME-MINI2 is the next generation CAME-MINI Gimbal.
  • The MINI2 is completely tool-less which allows the operator to change camera setups and re-balance the entire system very quickly.
  • A quick release system has been added on the MINI2 for faster access to remove and install your camera onto the MINI2 Gimbal frame.

Mini Accessories

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