NAB 2022


Dual Ear Headset Single Ear Headset Dual Headset Front Headset Folded Single Ear
Dual Ear
Single Ear
Waterproof IP63


Expanding from our best selling CAME-TV Waero Headset Communicators, the new Kuminik8 Wireless Headsets are another option for keeping teams in sync while you tackle your biggest projects. The Kuminik8 headsets provide even more comfort with softer padding and an even more flexible wireframe design. Many of the small parts can be replaced if you experience any wear and tear (ear padding, head pad, foam mic cover, etc) to ensure longevity of your new Kuminik8 Wireless Headsets.

Communication is key! As your team spreads out across a venue to cover events, sports, concerts, it is important to know exactly what everyone on your team is doing. These wireless headsets allow for Full Duplex communication where everyone on your team can have a natural conversation (speaking simultaneously). You can keep your hands on a gimbal or fly or a drone, as these hands-free communicators work without the need for Push-To-Talk buttons. No wires or body worn packs necessary. Just power on the headsets and start communicating!

Available in two over ear styles - Single Ear & Double Ear pads. If you’re working on a project with multiple camera angles, these headsets will allow you to stay in clear communication with all of your camera operators. The Double Ear pads are perfect for loud venues such as music concerts or sporting events. The Single ear pad model is great for projects such as weddings, where you may need to be able to hear others around you.

The standard kit is available to support 2-4 persons by use of one master headset. You can expand your team further by adding a HUB that operates as a second master to add even more remote headsets to the group.

For even more flexible use, all of our wireless communicator models can sync together so you can mix the Kuminik8 with the Waero and even with our new Waero Nano kits.


Standard DECT technology, GAP compatible
Range 1500ft (450 Meters) open space
Talk Time Master 10 Hours, Remote 13 Hours
Channel Bandwidth 1.728MHz
Modulation Type GFSK
Transmission Speed 1.152 Mbps
Duplex Operation Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Frequency Bands 1.78-1.93G
Battery Capacity 1000mA
Up to 9 Headsets with Hub
The HUB will increase the number of headsets to 9

Andromeda Mark II

Andromeda Multi Color Lights


The Andromeda Mark II tube lighting kits offer a wide variety of colors in a small and practical form factor. Everything is built in to the design with no exposed wiring - including battery power, wireless control, and manual controls.

Threaded holes allow for flexible mounting in any situation, and (removable) barn doors allow you to control the light spill. Control these lights separately or in groups.

 Removable Barn Doors Andromeda Magnet   1/4" on Andromeda II Boltzen Commander 
Combine The Tube Lights to Use as a Panel.
Detachable Barn Doors Magnet
1/4" On the back and one one each end.
Commander Wireless remote

COB 100W/150W MKII

100w 150w MKII Light AC and DC Power Supply 100w 150w MKII Light Wireless Control 100w 150w MKII Light DMX Control
AC and DC Power Supply
Wireless Control
DMX Control
100w 150w MKII LED Light
Powerful and Portable
Bowens Mount Optional
App, Wireless Remote & DMX Controlled
Quiet by Design
Memory Function
AC & DC Power Supply
Bi-Color / Daylight
TLCI 97+/ CRI 96+

Power Station

Power Station Power Station Power Station

Output Interface:

  • 2 X AC Socket 110V/220V
  • 1 X Type-C 5V,2A
  • 4 X USB-A
  • 2 X DC 12V,3A
  • 2 X D-Tap 14.4V,10A
  • 1 X LED Light


Could this be the first ever? A Dual V-Mount Battery Charger + AC Inverter to expand how you use your professional cine Batteries. Do you need to power a Laptop while you're editing in the field, or maybe charge your Drone batteries while you're off-the-grid? Perhaps even power your Live Stream setup in remote locations. The CAME-TV Power Station / Battery Charger is the perfect accessory to expand the use of your v-mount batteries.

With a variety of output options you can Power LED Lighting, Wireless Video transmitters, Monitors, and more. Dual D-Tap outputs, Dual 12V barrel adapters, USB-A, and a Type-C output, the Power Station is a must-have accessory that expands the use of your cine batteries.