Came-TV Helmet Communication Device Concept

Came-TV headsets redefine team communication with wireless capabilities, hearing protection, and sound control technology. They improve speech and communication while effectively reducing background noise to the desired level, and enable users to control their environment's volume for worksite safety without losing connection to their surroundings. Ideal for hands-on teams, Came-TV headsets offer seamless simultaneous two-way communication with no delays or buttons to press. Easily mute your self from the team by lifting your microphone up and simply bring it back down to join back in. Communicate freely, interrupt when necessary, and warn when needed. 

We would like to introduce a possible headset design for construction, utility, or any workers who wear hard hats. Designed to seamlessly fit on standard hard hats, they provide the best hard hat communication system. With their sleek and lightweight design, these headsets are perfect for communication in noisy utility worksite environments. Common uses for communication headsets include:

  • Maintain hearing protection while staying connected.
  • Train and supervise in real-time on the job.
  • Boost teamwork with hands-free communication.
  • Decrease accidents and incidents with real-time verbal warnings.
  • Streamline procedures and minimize errors.

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