Astral Follow Focus

  • A-B Limit Knobs

    Set your start and end position to make sure you hit your mark every time!

  • Knob Dampening

    Control how stiff or loose the knob is to give you the most precise turns.

  • Mark Disk

    Need to mark a spot? With our removable mark disk, you can mark all your important points then wipe it off after you're done.

  • Lemo Power

    Power the Astral motor with a 12v-18v Lemo connection, secured with the Lemo push-pull connector.

  • 15mm Rod

    Secure your Astral Motor on your camera with 15mm rods. Giving you accurate placement on your lens.

  • Camera Control

    Start and stop your camera wirelessly by connecting the camera to the motor's camera control input.

Astral Follow Focus