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In observance of Chinese Spring Festival Holiday, our Chinese office and EU offices will be closed on January 20th thru February 2nd.Items ordered from our Chinese office during those dates will ship out after February 3rd when the office returns. Our USA offices will still be open.

CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED

High Quality Lightweight and Affordable

The CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Lighting Kits are a lightweight, portable, and affordable lighting solution. Ideal mobile studio lighting solution for any photo, video, or film production. Available in full daylight or adjustable color temperature (bi-color) models.

Accurate Color High CRI Quality

All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED bulbs undergo a stringent quality assurance process to ensure durability, illumination, and a perfect color balance for any lighting situation.

Portability and Flexibility

All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Lights can be powered externally with the included wall adapter, or powered through industry standard Sony NP-F Style Batteries or V-Mount (depending on model), which makes them perfect for both studio and remote location productions. Plus, all units come with a built-in dimmer that gives you complete control over the brightness of your lighting setup.

Whether you’re a broadcast professional, or filmmaking enthusiast, our CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Light Panels are the perfect lighting solution for any of your production needs.

Product Comparison Table

Model CAME-576D CAME-576B CAME-1092D CAME-1092B CAME-1806D CAME-1806B
Illumination(lm) 3800lm 3800lm 6700lm 6700lm 12000lm 12000lm
Power 38W 38W 72W 72W 120W 120W
CRI 96 96 96 96 96 96
Color temperature(°K) 5500K±300K 3200K~5800K 5500K±300K 3200K~5800K 5500K±300K 3200K~5800K
Beam Angle 45° 45° 45° 45° 45° 45°
Filters soft, orange, milky-white soft, milky-white soft, orange, milky-white soft, milky-white soft, orange, milky-white soft, milky-white
Box Size 32.5*32*10cm (12.8*12.6*3.9in) 32.5*32*10cm (12.8*12.6*3.9in) 63*10*35.5cm (24.8*3.9*14in) 63*10*35.5cm (24.8*3.9*14in) 89.5*9.5*35.5cm (35.2*3.7*14in) 89.5*9.5*35.5cm (35.2*3.7*14in)
Light Panel Size 22*22cm (8.7*8.7in) 22*22cm (8.7*8.7in) 22.5*50cm (8.9*19.7in) 22.5*50cm (8.9*19.7in) 22.5*80cm (8.9*31.5in) 22.5*80cm (8.9*31.5in)

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